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Members Meet Members


Meet & greet thousands of members worldwide! The IFEL Network has been in formation for 18+ years. The IM Worldview Club puts you in an e-community that is ever expanding.

Meet Your Challenges


Use our huge range of resources to meet and overcome any challenge head-on through Christ, from leadership issues, walking in the Spirit, Spiritual Gifts - you name it, we'll provide it.

Multiply Your Modalities


We work daily to make each of our resources multipliable & easy to access for our members. We understand the screenage & the need to develop all our resources to be device friendly.

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Christ-as-Life Resources & Connections


  • Free subscription to the IM Worldview Digital Magazine.

  • Free subscription to a "member only" weekly email (The Mind of Christ) - packed with practical tools & tips for ministry leaders/students.

  • Special access to faculty writings & media that is not available to student registrants.

  • All members have FREE access to advanced course work not hosted in our Institute.

  • All subscribers are invited to join the Board of Regents Subcommittee, to assist in decision making to better the Institute.

  • All members can apply for the IFEL Network System - privacy policies must be agreed to and signed.

  • Many other benefits offered throughout you subscription...

  • Once you subscribe as a member, your monthly subscription does not change. All subscribers "lock in" as a life-time subscription on the day they sign-up. See rate changes below.

Today through September 1st, 2019 - $2 a month |  In 2020 - $15 a month

Consider Joining Today:

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