Join others in integrating their online institutions.


A significant part of our vision & mission is integrating other Christ-Centered institutions into our platform. As an example, recently a worldwide Bible School, with online schools in 213 countries, asked for a full integration of student assess - integrating links into both online schools with a seamless integration.  In this case, the integration provides students with our CLW Credits to be transferred to their schools accreditation requirements. Our system is built for this! The benefits are endless but the primary being, each institution is opening the doors for students to learn a Christian worldview through the eyes of some of the leading Christ-Centered worldview specialist.

Another option is through our "Ministry Portals." (sample here) This benefit provides the ministry with a FREE mini-course that guides the student through a sample course - resulting in connecting the student to the IM Featured Ministry's online school system, and/or resources - all provided without cost to the portal ministry during our first year of service. 

If you are interested in either of these options, please contact the Chancellor.


P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579

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Without the freedom of religion, there is no credit given to God. Without God, people are discredited. - Phinney     Smart Cards

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