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Join others in promoting their online institutions.


None of the recommended instructors are "official" staff members - not even the Founder. Each teacher on our list has either volunteered or is a  IM Ministry Portal, which are for the purpose of connecting students to the original source for further training. It is our passion to connect our students to some of the "best" in the field of Biblical Worldview.  The IM Institute does not receive any financial gain from Ministry Portal courses.

Our method of IM Ministry Portals is this, the IM Institute will design, load your course with the highlights of your ministry and post as one of our supportive ministries. This grants external online ministries and/or schools with a high quality ad. What do we get out of this? It provides opportunities for our students with an opportunity to learn from the best. Please note that all IM Ministry portals applicants are carefully reviewed and must support our mission of advancing a Christ-as-Life worldview.  

If you are interested in this options, please contact the Chancellor.


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