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Who Are You?

IM Worldview Institute

Worldview is birthed through your personal identity.

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It's Time

IM Worldview Institute

Discover the real you!

Because Jesus is Truth, we divert all students away from using Biblical truths as a way to perpetuate the wisdom of Christ and do not necessarily claim His indwelling Life. Most "Christian" worldview institutions tend to systematically explain the basic concepts of His Truth, existence, reality and freedom, but shy away from the Supremacy of His indwelling promise - living through the born-again believer.

What We Do

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IM Online School

Training venues through course work.

IM Social Media

Advancing the Life of Christ via. networks.

IM Worship Media

Providing viewers/listeners with quality music.

Church Choir Singers and Music Sheets
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Music Apps

IM Online Church

Providing weekly online church services.

IM Publications

Offering a plethora of Grace publications.

IM Research Center

Offering cultural researches quality data.

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From The Founder


It is my highest honor to provide for you quality Christ-as-Life, media, publications, and online course work. We work tirelessly to advance the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. It is my hope and prayer that our services grow you and help you become a more qualified minister of the Gospel.

-Dr. Stephen Phinney

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Identity Matters Worldview Institute

An Outreach of IOM America

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