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We Can't Do What We Do Without You

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Financial Hardship | Apply Here


We never turn a student away for true financial hardship!



Even though we serve hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers on a weekly basis, we face an assumption that challenges our ministry to the core - 99.5% gain personal and/or ministerial help without financially helping the source of their encouragement.  It has always been our goal to provide Christ-as-Life resources without obligating our recipients to pay for our services. With this modality, we face the full responsibility of funding the expenses associated with our services.

We cannot do this without you!


 Faithful indwelt Christians like you have faced some tough challenges over the past years. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen our culture, and the church, redefine marriage, the normalization of transgenderism, theological pluralism, and the church's irresponsibility of embracing absolute Truth.  Statistics reveal to us the present day church has morphed into the Post-Truth era.  Since there are few Christ-as-Life worldview institutes, authentic Christians are on the search for ministries that provide equipping with an authentic worldview by way of the mind of Christ. (1 Cor. 2:16)  We want to be there for them!  



  • Online and face-to-face counseling/discipleship

  • Christ-as-Life materials development - Exchanging Life Publishing

  • Identity Matters Global Podcast - 30,000+ listeners

  • Exchanging Life Email Services - 46,000+ per week

  • IM Social Networks - LinkHim (full migration: LinkedIn & Twitter)

  • IM Worldview Center Development - 161 IM Field Centers

  • Identity Matters Worldview Institute - Online course-work

  • IM Worldview Instructor's Network - Presently 50+ teachers worldwide

  • Jack the Journey Global Children's Podcast - Exchanged Life story time

  • Blogging Outreach - My Heart Undressed & IM Blogging

  • IM Live & Online Conferences - Topics related to the believer's identity

  • International Fellowship of Exchanged Life (IFEL) - Global Network


Thanks to our friends of the ministry, IOM has been there with a Biblical worldview that focuses on the mind of Christ - now for 18 years.  We are grateful for each of our readers/viewers forwarding our writings and media.  Our numbers are your success.  Please keep up the awesome work.


Reserved strictly for "financial hardship" students.


The Institute provides scholarships for students who are experiencing financial hardship. Keeping in mind, when a student cannot submit course-fees, a donor is covering their cost. The cost in covering the course work, instructor integration, teaching fees & graduating requirements are significant! Someone has to "pay the bill." This is why all scholarship applicants have donors covering their course-fees.

Since we understand that our present culture expects FREE stuff, fully knowing they may have the ability to contribute, we provide four levels of scholarships. Keep in mind, statistics reveal that 72% of the students who get "free-stuff" do NOT complete their course-work. The application process helps our Institute determine the level of need each student may have. 

We provide a FREE TRIAL period with most of our online courses - even FREE courses. At the end of the FREE TRIAL period, we provide a "Donate to Continue" page. If the course captures your attention and you want to continue, simply follow the instructions on the "Donate to Continue" page.  

Here are the two primary steps for scholarship applicants:


Submit a formal letter of request. When requesting a scholarship from the IM Institute, the applicant will want to keep their letter concise and to the point. While they will want  to include some information on their ministry/educational background, this is not the time to expound on their personal career goals. Stay on point, and make the request in a businesslike tone - the key point within this letter should be "the need" & "the why" the student is not able to pay for the course-fees. 

This is not an email request, it is a formal letter attached to an email. Send the letter to 

The main office will review the request and determine if the detailed online application will be sent to the applicant. This application is straight forward. The application will asks question regarding the applicants debts & spending habits. All information exchanged through this process is 100% private!

Fill-in and submit the online application.  Once this application is submitted, it will be determined if, or what level of scholarship will be offered by the Institute. If approved, the Institute will provide a [code] that will grant the student access to the course work at the level of approved scholarship - 25-100% discount. This discount will apply to a single or multiple courses.



Since the majority of our network members are from countries outside of the United States, we understand the challenge in submitting course fees due to their inability to conduct online purchases. Due to this vulnerability, we have specialized scholarships for these potential students. If you are one of these applicants, go through the same process stated above, with the addition of stating the country you live.

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel-free to contact us: 

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We Can't Do What We Do Without You


We would like to introduce to you the Tree of Life Help Center. This portal into our ministry will provide a gateway for our e-community members to either gain help for themselves or assist others in offering hope, which will be accomplished through encouraging words or financial help - essentially functioning as a foundation.

Our ministry receives daily appeals from global members, students or "on-lookers" - each asking for spiritual help or financial assistance. Our new help-center will screen applicants to effectively determine their "true needs" by walking them through an organized application process.

Each of our services place a financial burden on the host ministry - IOM America. Our annual budget to maintain the functionality of our expansive outreach is $188,352. This does not include the projected cost of building our onsite campus architectural vision. Needless to say, we need monthly, or single-donation contributions. 


IOM is a USA/International not-for-profit organization. We do not have any paid employees on our staff – we are registered with our state and federal governments as having zero employees. This keeps our status with the government as a clean &  “selfless” non-profit. All of our “staff” are missionary donor-based members. That means that if people designate their donation toward a particular “staff member" and/or project – a donor check goes to them (or the project) when funds are available. The “staff member” receives that money under a “self-employed” status. We do this to avoid the sacrificial donations of our supporters being paid to the state and federal government for employee expenses, which oddly enough, the IRS supports. It maximizes our donor dollars. The result of all this is, our ministry lives “hand-to-mouth,” while servicing the global community with each of our outreach programs. 


If you have any questions regarding this process, feel-free to contact us: 


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