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Control is not leadership; management is not leadership; leadership is leadership – the leader of the corporate-ship. If you seek to lead, invest 50 percent of your time in advancing the vision imparted to you - its purpose, ethics, principles, motivation & methodologies of the assigned visionary.  Invest 20 percent empowering those with authority OVER you and 30 percent leading those assigned TO you.


Dr. Stephen Phinney

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Dr. Charles R. Solomon is consider one of the "fathers of the Exchanged Life" for this present generation. His investment in the Exchanged Life community is beyond numeric value. It has been estimated that over 6,000 ministries have been established due to Christ's investment in him. Dr. Solomon is a published author of 20+ books, particularly the Handbook to Happiness - all relating to the principles of "Not I, but Christ." He is the spiritual-father to Dr. Phinney, in fact, the IM Institute is dedicated to the continuation of his legacy.

Dr. James Fowler is one of the leading theologians in the world today - specializing in Christ in the believer. He is the Founder of "Christ In You Ministries." He has published more books and articles on this topic than any other theologian the Institute has partnered with.  His devotion to Christ in communicating authentic Truth is commendable. He also serves as an Honorary Board of Regents member.

Dr. John Woodward is the Director of the International office of Grace Fellowship Int. He is a well published author on books, blogs and email postings pertaining to the Exchanged Life. Dr. Woodward is author of one of leading books on the triune of man - Man As Spirit, Soul & Body. John has become one of the leading global teachers of the Exchanged Life - "Not I, but Christ." He is one of Dr. Phinney's closest friends and fellow mentors.

Lee LeFebre attended two universities after graduating from Calvin College. He spent the first years as a therapist with severely dysfunctional adolescents. After six years, he realized that the Bible taught that those who came to Christ in Corinth were not only forgiven, but were set free from what today would require various kinds of therapy. His most serious concern however was Paul's warning to the church that if anyone distorted the Gospel, let him be accursed, Galatians 1:8. In answer to his cry for God's solution for man, God showed Lee the truths contained in the email series IOM is presently publishing.


Dr. Stephen R. Phinney (bio here) is the Founder of IOM America, the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life & the Identity Matters Worldview Institute - all proactive ministries in uniting the Body of Christ in the believer's identity in Jesus Christ . He is a published author of 10+ books related to the believer's spiritual growth in Christ. Dr. Phinney is the host to a popular global radio & podcast show - the Identity Matters Podcast. His interests, being a pastor, writing, broadcasting & graphic-design.

Shannon Bartlett is Vice President of IOM America & International Affairs. He is the executor & vision-bearer to The Institute of Ministry (IOM America) & Dr. & Mrs. Phinney. In addition, Shannon serves as a full-time businessman - providing media & mailing services to some of the top International ministries. More significantly, he & his family are one of the leading partners of IOM. 

John Hickey holds a degree in Business Administration from Yavapai College. He has spent the last thirty years of his career in retail management – managing restaurants, Family Christian Bookstores, and has owned two Thomas Kinkade Galleries.Throughout his career, he has remained active in discipleship, teaching, and small group leadership. John has a passion for Christ-as-Life discipleship. The insights he brings to ministering to others is birthed through trials and hardships. 


Joseph Natembeya received a teaching position at St.John's Siloba Secondary School. This advanced me to a position at St.Patrick's Kimukung’i Girls High School until 2008. It was during his position at Nairobi Aviation College he undertook a certificate in Computer Studies. Joseph continued to advance his education in obtaining a certificate in Theology & Bible Studies at Oilfield College. He also received a certificate in Pastoral Care at  Bernardo School of Theology. He serves as a pastor, teacher and Founder of Kenya Changing Life In Christ Ministries, an outreach of IOM America. .  


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We Can't Do What We Do Without You


We would like to introduce to you the Tree of Life Help Center. This portal into our ministry will provide a gateway for our e-community members to either gain help for themselves or assist others in offering hope, which will be accomplished through encouraging words or financial help - essentially functioning as a foundation.

Our ministry receives daily appeals from global members, students or "on-lookers" - each asking for spiritual help or financial assistance. Our new help-center will screen applicants to effectively determine their "true needs" by walking them through an organized application process.

Each of our services place a financial burden on the host ministry - IOM America. Our annual budget to maintain the functionality of our expansive outreach is $188,352. This does not include the projected cost of building our onsite campus architectural vision. Needless to say, we need monthly, or single-donation contributions. 


IOM is a USA/International not-for-profit organization. We do not have any paid employees on our staff – we are registered with our state and federal governments as having zero employees. This keeps our status with the government as a clean &  “selfless” non-profit. All of our “staff” are missionary donor-based members. That means that if people designate their donation toward a particular “staff member" and/or project – a donor check goes to them (or the project) when funds are available. The “staff member” receives that money under a “self-employed” status. We do this to avoid the sacrificial donations of our supporters being paid to the state and federal government for employee expenses, which oddly enough, the IRS supports. It maximizes our donor dollars. The result of all this is, our ministry lives “hand-to-mouth,” while servicing the global community with each of our outreach programs. 


If you have any questions regarding this process, feel-free to contact us: 


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