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Carefully Read the 12-Modalities Before Moving Forward

When faced with the challenge of teaching online, our faculty members work diligently to translate their course(s) content into the online teaching environment that is easy and multipliable for each student.  While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for presenting an online course, there are common components, criteria, and guidelines that our institute's faculty has individualized for their graduate requirements. 


We have ongoing success with guiding students through their online courses by providing a simple course work that consists of these sections:


  1.  Module matrix with required components, criteria, and guidelines

  2.  Syllabus required components and guidelines

  3.  Sample syllabus 

  4.  Course(s) objectives, methods & instructions

  5.  Individualized course(s) timelines & due dates

  6.  General guidelines for materials usage

  7.  Required course methodologies & guidelines

  8.  Checklist of course readiness.

  9.  Membership costs and guidelines

  10.  Testing & evaluation guidelines

  11.  Methodology of homework - assigned reading, writing & activities

  12.  How donation-based course attendance works


Each module consists of 7 components, and the template lists criteria and guidelines for module development:



  1. Prior to beginning the module, students are assessed to determine their entry-level knowledge of the topic. Assessments may take a variety of forms including: objective questions, short answer or essay questions. Results of the module assessment will be compared with the professor's objectives.

  2. Learning Objectives - Include a lead-in statement such as, “Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to...”  Module objectives must include the actions, performance criteria, and conditions of what the student will be able to do.

  3. Assigned Reading - Reading assignments are required. Specify chapters, pages, documents, slides. Provide guided reading suggestions or points to look out for in the reading.

  4. Assigned Writing - Writing assignments are required.  Student submissions and the evaluation criteria will be review by the instructor or school provost. Student must transfer using a Word document or PDF.

  5. Faculty will provide an interactive exercise for the entire class or for groups. Suggested interactive exercises:
    a.   Discussion Forum with specific guidelines for quality/quantity of postings
    b.   Creation of individual or group PowerPoint(s) via discussion board for student review and comment.
    c.   Student submission of web resources on the module topic.
    d.   Post a self-assessment quiz using the online assessment tools

  6. For Further Study - Links to Web resources will be provided to engage students in further study.

  7. The purpose of the assessment is to measure the achievement of the Learning Objectives for each module. Suggested formats for the assessment may include:  Short essay questions or IM Quiz items.


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