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Let's Get You Registered

Register As A Non-Member


Registering you as a non-member is a "pay as you go" by making donations for each of your course work. This method is on a suggested donation basis, meaning, you contribute the amount suggested or what you can.

Register: Student Member


This form of registration grants the student unlimited access to all course work by way of a monthly donation. This method is cost effective and easy on the budget.

Visit the link below for details.

Register: IM Premium Member


Becoming an IM Premium Member provides you with the benefits of a Student Member, IM Worldview Club Member & the Plus program. We throw the "kitchen sink" into this ultimate package.

Student Registration Benefits

A Christ-as-Life Worldview Is Everything


  • DISCOVER: Your identity in Christ

  • BE EQUIPPED: With a Christ-as-Life worldview

  • KNOW: What it means to be indwelt by Christ

  • EXPERIENCE: The power of Christ in you

  • REALIZE: Your spiritual gifts in Christ

  • LEARN: To defend your faith & beliefs

  • REVITALIZE: Your walk in and of the Spirit

  • BECOME: A minister of the True Gospel


Your Worldview

Become Proactive In The Student LinkHim Forum


  • A supportive and friendly forum where students can post questions and challenges, and get help and advice from fellow students and professional coaches.

  • Posted topics & discussions until your heart is content.

  • Through the existing partnerships through some of the world's largest social network sites, by way of our LinkHim network, you can join life-coach discussion groups to better face your ministry challenges and personal growth issues.




Full Access To IM America's Resources


  • More than 8,000 resources available within the IOM America websites.

  • Full use of the outreach ministries of IOM - Tree of Life Help Center, IM Worldview Training Centers, XL-Church plants, IM Speaker Forum, Exchanging Life Email System, and the list goes on from there.

  • Enjoy the Leadership Development resources offered through IOM.

  • Full access to the Exchanged Life Bookstore - one of a kind in the world today.

  • And much more...

Register Today & Kick Start Your Identity

It is time to enroll at the


This Is A No-Cost Enrollment

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