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The Father makes it clear that He is the beginning and the end. If we could find all the spoken and inspired words describing God in the Word of God, we still would not come close to describing the Father of heaven. It will take eternity for us to discover all the attributes of God. This is the primary reason why we should be so excited about going to the Father and spending eternity with Him. I have my order in for multiple interviews!


Think how boring it would be if we were told everything about a friend at the very first meeting. One of the key elements of finding intimacy is in the search for it. The more time we take to get to know a friend, spouse, child, or God, the richer and more intimate the relationship becomes. So much of our sinful flesh wants everything right now. God is a God of perfect timing and it will be in His timing that we come to know Him completely. This is not something I fight and battle for any longer. I am learning to enjoy each moment of truth in the moment and portion that it is given to me. Learn more...

e-Book | Knowing Father

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