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Christian: Christianos is a name given by worldly observers regarding those individuals or groups who were individually or collectively following Jesus throughout the first generation after the resurrection. This was not the title born-again indwelt followers of Christ Jesus used amongst themselves. The term used by the born-again was “disciples” (mathetes) of Christ Jesus. The term “Christian” was first adopted at Antioch and initially was not necessarily considered a compliment. It does not occur in the New Testament as a name commonly used by the disciples themselves.

e-Book | Indwelt vs. Catholic

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  • Dr. Phinney holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Ministry. However, he does not believe having a degree qualifies anyone, nor is it necessary, to administer Biblical Truths. He believes that all indwelt Christians have the power to minister without institutional certification. Author Spotlight Page

  • This author permits you to use the content in this e-Book for classroom use. Please keep the material for internal instructional, educational, and administrative purposes, including satisfying requests of work-study credits offered through said institution. All the content within this material belongs entirely and exclusively to the source author & the corporation they represent. Publisher: Exchanging Life Publishing.

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