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2019 Release (121pgs).

77 TRUTHS: Increasingly, we find discipling to be perhaps the most important aspect of the normal Christian life! It is reinforcing, establishing, and building that which ensures permanent changes in the life of all true born-again believers. If discipleship is like the world’s form of discipleship (psychological counseling), it would only focus on “problem-solving,” which has no transformational multiplying factors.


Throughout Scripture, the responsibility is put on those who “know how to live” in Christ to reproduce themselves in the lives of others. Their focus is on the transformational element of Christ in changing the follower through the power of the Holy Spirit. The disciplers are comforters; while Christ, in them, is the Counselor. The word comfort, (para-kaleo), means to come alongside--not only to encourage, but also to exhort and instruct. The Holy Spirit (the para-kaleo), the Divine Comforter, does this for the disciple, and frequently does this through the discipler. God desires to use the disciple to strengthen, free, and secure his or her identity in Christ as one who ministers to others with effectiveness. We believe this should be the goal of Christian discipleship - in all 7-Areas of life.


e-Book | 77 Truths / 7-Areas of Life

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  • Dr. Phinney holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Ministry.  However, he does not believe having a degree qualifies anyone, nor is it necessary, to administer Biblical Truths.  He believes that all indwelt Christians have the power to minister without institutional certification. Author Spotlight Page

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