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It is an honor to have you join our team!

I personally want to thank you for becoming an IM Club Member. If you have landed on this page, that means you are gifted with the benefits listed below. Before activating your membership, we need for you to fill in the Membership Confirmation form. Again, welcome aboard.

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Dr. Stephen Phinney

All Club Members need to save the URL to this page for future access. This is not a public link.

Membership Confirmation

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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As a member, you will receive many benefits, but, the top elements are as follows:


  • Email response priority. All Club members are the first emails the Chancellor responds to each morning.

  • You receive 100% discounted course work within the IM Online Worldview School for one year – a value of $2,000. This is your premium course code (impremium770membership). After enrolling in any course, during checkout, enter this code in the coupon section. When processing, it will give you the course for free. The code will last for one year from the date you enroll in your first course.    

  • IM Membership Page. Your Password is IMWV877 Members Only Link >> located at


We treasure the investment & sacrifice you contribute to the Lord’s work in reaching a troubled world. Your story matters. Please submit your story (testimony) of how you became a born-again believer, as well as the process of how you were introduced to the identified Life in Christ - the Exchanged Life. 




If you have decided to take advantage of the free course work as a part of your benefits package, consider the following course suggested order for Phase One. Each must be completed in this order.


  1. Why Enroll in This Institute.  

  2. E-Learning Methodology.  

  3. CLW099-B Identity Matters Overview

  4. CLW100 Identity Matters Terms & Definitions

  5. CLW102 Identity Matter Conference Full Course

  6. CLW104 7-Areas of Life

  7. CLW203 Wisdom of Men

  8. CLW101-C Abiding Life in Christ


After the above eight courses are completed with excellence, we advance you to Phase Two.


  1. CLW113 Christ at Work In You

  2. CLW402 Christ-As-Life Leadership

  3. CLW217 Men & Warfare

  4. CLW102-C Identity Theft Introduction

  5. CLW204 Beware of False Teachers


We then move you into Phase Three.


  1. CLW320 Dealing With Demonic Attacks

  2. CLW400 The One Minute Leader

  3. CLW400 Dr. John Maxell Basics

  4. REV101 to 140 Eschatology Series | Power of Prophecy

  5. CAL102 Socialist Play God


Once phase three is completed, Phase Four is enacted.


  1. CLW208 Center Development

  2. CLW209-B IM Center Structure

  3. CLW210 The Indwelling Gifts

  4. CLW212 Generational Ethics

  5. CLW401 Leadership 101

  6. CLW403 Leadership Tools

  7. CLW404 Ministry Leadership

  8. CLW211 Developing Associate Members

  9. CLW212 Graduate Benefits

  10. The Board of Directors Interview

All IM Club Members receive 5 free eBooks from our IM eBookstore. Pick the five titles after visiting the store, send your list to and we will send you the downloadable books. 

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