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Discover your identity in Christ. Review a host of online courses focusing on a Christ-as-Life worldview.

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IM LinkHim Network

The LinkHim network is the global social platform for the outreach of IOM America & IM Worldview Institute.

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Emails | e-Community

Research reveals there are few email services that provide a true Christ-centered focus in training readers.

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What Is Your Worldview?

IM Three Worldviews

There is global confusion when it comes to the meaning of "Christian Worldviews." Learn more...

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IM Worldview News

We keep our IM Students current on global news from a Christ-centered perspective & worldview.

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IM Blogging

Few blogs focus on the indwelling Life of Christ. IM Blogging provides authentic Truth - uncut.

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Exchanged Life Books

We provide our top recommendations within the IOM Exchanged Life Bookstore! Review the list...

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Choose a donation based membership level for your online course work & content benefits.

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Advancing Ministries

We believe it is important to note the individuals and/or ministries that have contributed to our success. 

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International Prayer 

We believe all things start and end with a praying life. Consider becoming one of our prayer warriors. 

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Identity Matters Media

This portal provides music, illustrative media, promotional media for musicians & much more.

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An Ever Growing Media Source

IM Culture Library

Providing the learner with a process of developing a strong Christ as Life worldview in one location.

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