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The First Kiss | Original "life-size" pastel is owned by the artist's youngest daughter. This pastel was produced as a reminder of the "first kiss" being saved until the wedding day. Pastel expressionist, Stephen Phinney, will handcraft a replica (18X24") - numerically marked for each client. The First Kiss has recently been released by the owner for handcrafted replicas. 

The First Kiss

SKU: FIRST-KISS-Inphinnity222
  • Stephen Phinney's life-long passion for quality pastels is now being offered to the public as original-replicas. Stephen has been producing pastels since 8th grade. He won a full art scholarship at the prime age of 14. Over the past 50 years, he has handcrafted originals for family, friends & celebrities alike. His primary expression is based on the indwelling Life of Christ.  

  • The artist does not charge for shipping for replicas or masters. Shipping insurance for all masters are a part of the production costs. There are no refunds for his handcrafted work. Although, satisfaction is guaranteed. Meaning, redo, and/or touch-ups comes with the original costs.

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