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Sometime after Paul had departed from the cities of Galatia, some other teachers arrived with a modified belief-system that inculcated adherence to the Judaic Law of the old covenant. It is difficult to reconstruct the precise identity of these interlopers, but it is obvious that they were advocating the necessity of religious observances (4:10), as well as male circumcision (5:2; 6:12), and attempting to seduce these new Christians into legalistic old covenant concepts (3:2; 4:21). The author believes that “Galatianism” is pervasive and prevalent in the churches today, as religious legalists have duped Christians with the didactic declarations of “how-to” Christian religion in prescribed procedures, formulas, techniques and duties which allegedly determine the distinguishing marks of a true disciple. The Church today is in dire need of the message of “grace and liberty.

eBook | Galatians

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  • James A. Fowler is founder and director of Christ in You Ministries, a ministry sharing with Christian people the grace dynamic of the indwelling life of the risen Lord Jesus whereby all Christians are empowered to live the abundant life that Jesus promised (John 10:10). Jim has a doctorate degree in Biblical Theology and served as the Pastor of the Neighborhood Church in Fallbrook, California for twenty-six years. He lives with his wife, Gracie, in Fallbrook, California, and enjoys visiting with his five grown children and grandchildren. HARDCOPY HERE

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