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No one likes a gossip but, most of us do it. Our ministry headquarters are based in a small town. I joke often that there is no need for cell phones in our community – word gets around fast. On the fourth of July, I was hit by a bomb-shell that blew out of the canister side-ways, resulting in a blow to my mid-section. Before I had the privilege of telling my “war-story” to members in the community, people asked me how my wound was doing. Surprised? Not really! You see, these kinds of small menial forms of gossip can be harmless but what about those rumors and tall-tails that could ruin personal and ministerial reputations?

e-Book | You've Got Hate Mail

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  • Dr. Phinney holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Ministry. However, he does not believe having a degree qualifies anyone, nor is it necessary, to administer Biblical Truths. He believes that all indwelt Christians have the power to minister without institutional certification. Author Spotlight Page

  • This author permits you to use the content in this e-Book for classroom use. Please keep the material for internal instructional, educational, and administrative purposes, including satisfying requests of work-study credits offered through said institution. All the content within this material belongs entirely and exclusively to the source author & the corporation they represent. Publisher: Exchanging Life Publishing.

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