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Whenever we go to the frontlines, where the enemy lives and breathes, he is bound to try chasing us away. Do not submit to his deceptive ideas and lies: there is no time; this level of combat isn’t necessary; these are only words; we can put this off because we already have too many things to do; we’re tired or too sick; or that we are already struggling with worries, doubts, and fears that will prevent us from completing our pathway to deliverance. We should push through it all and respond like warriors!


We have all experienced fear and some of its common variations such as apprehension, anxiety, and worry. What are we afraid of? These can be boiled down to (1) non-personal fears, (2) interpersonal fears, and (3) intra-personal fears.

e-Book | Fear, Enemy Of Indwelling

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  • Dr. James Fowler, Founder & President, Christ in You Ministries. James is the author of multiple books on the indwelling Life of Jesus Christ. He is considered on of the leading theologians on the topic of Christ living within the born-again believer.

  • This author permits you to use the content in this e-Book for classroom use. Please keep the material for internal instructional, educational, and administrative purposes, including satisfying requests of work-study credits offered through said institution. All the content within this material belongs entirely and exclusively to the source author & the corporation they represent. Publisher: Exchanging Life Publishing.

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