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Have you ever been kissed by a Judas? You know, that hug or kiss from a known member of your intimate circle that oozes evidence of their true feelings of despising. Among ministers of the Gospel, this act is as common as the act of Judas betraying Jesus. Worse yet is the pretentious expression of fake intimacy from a loved one. The Modern Hebrew word for betrayal is bagad, (הָ ידִ גְּ ב ,(to expose danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy – for the strict purpose of destroying a person out of anger. Therefore, this booklet is a well-placed study following our recent popularized study “You’ve Got Hate Mail.”

e-Book | Betrayal, Kiss of Judas

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  • Dr. Phinney holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Ministry. However, he does not believe having a degree qualifies anyone, nor is it necessary, to administer Biblical Truths. He believes that all indwelt Christians have the power to minister without institutional certification. Author Spotlight Page

  • This author permits you to use the content in this e-Book for classroom use. Please keep the material for internal instructional, educational, and administrative purposes, including satisfying requests of work-study credits offered through said institution. All the content within this material belongs entirely and exclusively to the source author & the corporation they represent. Publisher: Exchanging Life Publishing.

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