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“If we're going to impact our world in the name of Jesus, it will be because people like you and me took action in the power of the Spirit. Ever since the mission and ministry of Jesus, God has never stopped calling for a movement of "Little Jesuses" to follow him into the world and unleash the remarkable redemptive genius that lies in the very message we carry.” -Alan, The Missional Church

Do you find anything wrong with this quote?

Overall Alan’s comment lacks in historical relevance. First of all, his statement “Little Jesuses” evolved from the “be like Jesus” movement. Secondly, there is no redemptive value in the message we carry, only in receiving the Life of Christ through indwelling salvation. It only takes a drop of poison to taint the whole. Meaning, one lie disengages the whole Truth.

Honestly, it is likened to a child saying, “look at all the candy,” whereas a trained eye would be able to describe in detail all the candy the child is seeing. The child is simply wanting to eat everything in sight, whereas the adult will pick a candy that appeals to their tastebuds, in line with their history of what the candy taste like – as in the case of fudge. My favorite. Lol

My primary issue with the Social Gospel is embedded in their history, which proves a shift from the indwelling Life of Christ to that of applying Christ’s Life to a social movement. This deludes the authentic salvation message into “empowering” others externally. Today, this is called the “missional movement.” Jesus’s original purpose of caring for the “widows and orphans” was to lead each to receive the empowerment of Christ’s Life by way of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The Gospelites have removed this focus – through one drop of poison called, external.

The Missional Movement works to make “disciples” be LIKE Jesus, both in social expression and characteristics. This movement sees people come to “faith” as an external supporter – much like the period when people followed Jesus before the great revelation of Pentecost (filled with the Holy Spirit). A friend, Mike Breen, did a 30-day study and examination of Twitter conversations. They found that 100-150 times as many people referenced “missions” as the key to discipleship. His study revealed an obsession of “cleaning” outsiders with the Kingdom of God without introducing others to the “how” in becoming an active part of the Kingdom – to be with the King. Most church leaders of the Post-Truth church have conveniently replaced the transcendent indwelling Life of Christ “for the ego satisfaction they derive FROM a life” of the missionary. This became more evidence of our “alarm.” This too is a result of the present day Social Gospelites.

As Mike says, missions are UNDER the banner of discipleship. It is not discipleship! The original flow was, a new indwelt believer would take their newfound Life in Christ and touch the lives of those who are curious about Him. This curiosity would ultimately lead each to want His Life, thus, resulting in new converts to the Kingdom of God. The Missional Movement has completely removed the painful process of the “Roman’s Road” as Paul depicts within his writings to the Romans. When missions remove the messiness of conversions, the Gospel turns social. This has become the organic goal of Social Gospelites in our present culture. The irreversible consequences of this movement results in the individual touched by the Missional Movement cannot make disciples who make disciples. The “gospel” converts itself into an “ego satisfaction they derive from a life” versus overflowing His Life to another.

HISTORY OF THE MISSIONAL MOVEMENT: Since we know, or should, the Missional Movement is the adoption of the posture, thinking, behaviors, and practices OF the missionary in order to engage others with the type of gospel they preach, in this case, the Social Gospel message, which should be the opposite of the authentic missionary's true mission. The missional church movement, a church renewal movement predicated on the necessity of missional living by self-proclaimed Christians, indwelt or not, gained popularity at the end of the twentieth century due to advocates like Tim Keller, Rob Bell, McLaren, Mark Driscoll and others in the Gospel and Our Culture Network. Advocates contrast missional living with the concept of a select group of "professional" missionaries, emphasizing that all self-identified Christians should be LIKE Jesus. As Mark Driscoll stated, “It is imperative that Christians be like Jesus.” Not only did this deluded theology implode on these teachers, in the cases of Rob Bell and Mark Driscoll, they were also removed from their churches over the aftereffects of these beliefs. Being LIKE Jesus is not the authentic Truth. Releasing Jesus from within is. “Thanks” to these highly influential teachers, and their network, the “being like Jesus” ideologies have become the leading terminology of the church today, outside of being a “follower of Christ.” Neither expresses the authentic Truth of Christ-in-you.

At the turn of the millennium, as in the case with most love-movements, the Missional Movement grew exponentially. Out of ignorance, it is estimated that the lion’s share of leaders within the primary denominations adopted this terminology. The problem with this is the leader sees what they want to see within this ever-growing movement without preaching against the movements demonic doctrines. One of the greatest forms of advancing a movement is through individualized self-interpretation of the movement. This emphasis places the dangers of a movement on “my view,” while THE view is advancing over the original theologies of the Church. Allow me to give you a public online statement I released:

Church leaders want to see the church do more within the social justice platform. The “missional movement” ideates a replica of the Spiritual Gifts, which are only found in the Life of Christ from within. Many of our “old-school” preachers and teachers reference this as allowing the Holy Spirit from within to conduct such “business.” This new movement is not so new. The Missional Movement is rooted deeply in the denominational revolution, which moved the Church from the internal Life of Christ to the external Life of Christ. This produced a “following” mindset vs. a releasing of the Life of Christ. It is out of the “Christ followers” mindset that this not so new Missional Movement was birthed.

The good news is, the “Missional Movement” is now seen as broken. The term is already doing a slow-fade on the internet as well as within many churches. It has proven itself as a “lukewarm religious movement.” It is noted that the Church as a whole doesn’t care about the movement’s religious ideations. This is most likely from a revolt of authentic believers within most of these churches. Even though we understand that many churches still practice the misnomers of this movement through their small groups and community activities, each of us as Abiding Life teachers must maintain the Bible’s authentic message.

What authentic Christians truly care about is – ordinary life evangelism. Once the workers who diminish the demonic doctrines of the Missional Movement on the internet and other venues, we need to have the original replacement readied. The Abiding Life in Christ is that original framework. This must become the mission of Christ’s “movement” within the next century in order to lead others to Him.

Yes, statistics are proving that indwelling salvations are decreasing by the year. But…our reality is Jesus’s reality. "For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it (Matthew 7:14). He further tells us in the later times, "Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able (Luke 13:24). And of course, this leads us to our greatest mission, to open the eyes of those who think they are saved when they are not.

"Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.'” (Matthew 7:22-23)

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