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The Millennial Bubble

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Why are Millennials considered key players in the COVID-19? White House response coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, shares the government’s latest challenge in battling the new coronavirus outbreak. Saying, “I believe Millennials are so crucial during this global health emergency.” She went on to say, “Right now we need the army of Millennials out there doing everything that they can to protect themselves from getting infected because we know a lot of their cases will be mild or asymptomatic and making sure that they’re doing every single precaution to protect their parents and grandparents.” So what does this mean? It means Millennials are blowing off the orders and recommendations made by the CDC. Furthermore, reports reveal that their lighthearted view is putting their children, parents, and grandparents at risk. Let me ask the question you might be thinking. And how are they doing that? Simple science. The Millennials are walking the streets, pandering their clubs, socializing in coffeeshops, maintaining casual sexual contact, fully knowing the risk of the virus. Most know that the norm is one day your feeling fine, and the next week you're dead. Neither seems to bother them. In fact, after rebelling against the CDC social distancing guidelines (rules), they come home to family and expose the entire household with the most deadly virus known to date. Dr. Birx states, “When you look at data, it’s very important to integrate both health data and public health data and cases with the census,” she said. “If you look at every large city across America at the census bar graph, you’ll see that in every single case, the largest numbers, about 22% in many cities, are Millennials.” Now, if that 22% is hyper-sensitive to rules (being told what to do), and if you do the number game on impact points of the viruses in the cities, we have a viral time-bomb on our hands. Why are Millennials so resistant to being told what to do? This question is the same question the White House Administration is asking. Before we dive into the possible answer(s), we need to clarify one important point. Not all Millennials are resistant to being told what to do. Nor are the whole of the Millennials putting their families, friends, or nation at risk. It is a small percentage but none the less, a low rate that cares deeply about guidelines and rules. But…as for the lion’s share of Millennials, their despise of authoritarianism makes them dangerous to the community at large – particularly their GenZ children. I have debated Millennials in online forums for many years. It is the best way for me to get to know a new culture from the inside out. Millennials claim that their disrespect is related to authoritarianism, not generalized authority. Well documented surveys prove that most cannot separate the two logically—most Millennials associate authoritarianism with authority figures telling them what to do without including their opinion. Rules mandated without an opportunity to engage in the process of the mandate = an offense to self-rule. Therefore, authoritarianism is prescribed rules without their permission. Authority, thus, equated with a rule-maker that includes their authorization. Statistical surveys reveal this confusion. Millennials tend to look at happiness as a commodity that can be purchased. Once they discovered that avocado toast no longer brings lasting joy, they change things up – again and again. Typically, immovable authority figures are associated with conservativism, which results in using conservative parents, churches, and governments as a scapegoat – calling most bigots. The irony of this demise is, while they’re pointing their finger, they can’t see their discrimination. It is in this blind sightedness that ferments their arrogance. Biblically speaking, you can’t tell arrogant people what to do because they believe they are above the opinions of others. Now they are unreachable. Most Millennials consider themselves progressive/liberal. Each ramp-up on social media and take a ride on the progressive trending points only to appear trendy – simply to collect followers. Not all, but most pretend to care one minute and disappear the next, which propagates disservice to the social agenda they initially were attempting to advance. If fronted on this degenerate habit, they tout they are unheard, and you disrespect their personhood. Again, Biblically speaking, this proves self-deception and more arrogance. Fact, while they demand respect, they are incapable of offering mutual respect. It is in this ideation that Millennials get labeled as the “rebellious generation.” Are you ready for some cruel irony? The general population knows this fact; Millennials tend to move back in with their parents. While they use the excuse of “poor economy,” it’s rooted in their fear of failure and inadequacy. So, what’s the irony? Simple stuff. The majority of the Millennials not only disrespect their parents, but cultural research also reveals a disturbing fact – they minimally despise, or even “hate” their parents. So – why move back into what they “hate?” The answer? Deep inside, they know they can’t live without their parents or parental figures. Sociologists know the “Y’ generation drains their parents of all known resources. Once the funds are gone, so are they. For reasons still under review, the lion’s share of Millennials believes their parents owe them. Our Biblical reality is, “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, reasoned like a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Case in point, they function as children. The “Millennial Bubble” is formed through this irony. Millennials are the first generation to turn historical-revisionism into a culture. No doubt, this progressive thinking has caused the most consequential damage to mental health, family integration, cultural overlapping, and spiritual connectivity. Oh, wait. Many people today are not familiar with the term “historical-revisionism.” Historical revisionism is the means by which the historical records – the history of a society, family-life, spiritual authority (the Bible), as understood in its collective memory – continually integrates new facts and trending interpretations into existing authentic history. Those who practice this modality move the corner-post of Truth. Millennials are known today for being the dominant generation to separate facts from Truth. Truth lost this battle, and “false memory syndrome” replaced the events of the Truth. As the Millennials shifted this individualized interpretive habit into a culture, the post-Truth era was born. Once this era cemented into societal norms, the foundation of belief became self-interpreted truth to match their historical revisionism “facts.” As I have interviewed “X” parents of the Millennials over the years, the chief complaint was, “My children accuse me of events that did NOT happen.” For those of you who are new to the progressive movement of FMS, it means… false memory syndrome describes a condition in which a person’s identity and relationships are affected by false memories, recollections that are factually incorrect but yet are firmly believed. What causes FMS? The psychobabble reason is, an individual's emotional pain overrides the historical facts by placing the blame on others through re-created events. While the psychiatric world is trying to find a valid criterion for making such diagnosis, they presently refer to this growing trend as "factitious disorders," which is a subcategory of "false memories/beliefs of abuse. In most of the cases professionals have undertaken, the common denominator is, external brain-washing, which means, a friend, mentor, or online group influenced the thinking of the troubled soul. Zero percent obtained their view from concrete facts within their memories. Cognitive scientists have learned that people who claim 100% certainty of their false memories are statistically 100% wrong. When you blend FMS with the ideation of historical-revisionism, it mutates into hatred. The reason? People stuck in the habits of FMS & historical-revisionism set up a barrier between themselves and those who do not support their “memories.” Keep in mind, and once false memories are self-interpreted as facts, their minds are required to re-create history to match their morbid ideations. The authentic psychology behind this clever shift is what formed the post-Truth era. The above analysis plays into the “why” Millennials are clocked with massive debt. Part of being an adult is acknowledging when you've made a poor choice, and then taking action to improve the situation. Overall, Millennials are unable to separate “poor choices” from “actions to improve the situation.” The probable reason why Millennials are known for “never forgiving.” For most people, debt & unforgiveness equals failure - not the Millennials. The reason for this, they function under the deception that the world owes them. When others refuse to pay the ransom for the “abuse” they “endured,” they “spoil themselves” by going into massive debt, while blaming their parents, as well as the government’s system. Once this ideation cements itself, they shift their energy into propagating a socialistic government system. Why is it that Millennials promote Socialism? Socialism is the perfect system to support individuals who believe the government owes them. The basics of Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. The keyword in the definition is distribution. When Socialism mutates into a style of government, the system is required to “pay the debts” of “poor choices” made by the community as a whole – medical, school-loans, abortions, you know the gig. The logic of this shift is erroneous. Socialism is not propagated under well thought out research but rather in how it bails them from community member’s “poor choices.” So…why is the world concern about the behavior of Millennials? The simple answer is, patterns repeat themselves. It's what they do. Saying one thing and doing another is one of the most popular trends in existence, and unfortunately, it helps no one and hurts everyone. Due to the reality that Millennials primarily do and believe things that benefit themselves, when a pandemic occurs (COVID-19), they call the world liars. They interpret rules of protection for the community as a whole as “rapping them of human rights.” As par their norm, crisis deludes them into delusions. As I write this article, the morning news reveals the “Millennials in Germany are assaulting and even killing police officers for carrying out orders of social-distancing.” A trend that other countries are experiencing. My government sources tell me that the greatest threat is the possibility of the igniting of a “civil war” during our pandemic. Really? My question back to them was in the “who” they believe would kindle such a war. The reply was, “The Millennials have the ability to save our country, just as they could destroy it.” It all boils down to the issue of authority. The Lord was quite serious when He said. Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. (Romans 13:1-2) Believe it or not, these two verses are the primary passages that rub in the face of the Millennials and their revisionist beliefs on authority. The present analysis reveals that the generation that claims global peace is the most violent & unforgiving people on the face of the earth. Is this hard to believe? Watch the evening news. Conduct an elementary analysis of the generation behind global violence. It should only take 10-minutes. It doesn’t take a sociologist to figure out that the delusional thinking of this generation is endangering the people as a whole—delusion at its best. Do I blame the Millennials? No. If I were to “blame” anyone, I would blame my generation – the X’ers. It was our error in spoiling the Millennials. We created their ideology of “the world owes me.” But you see, we can’t blame any generation. Facts reveal that every generation passes their sins down to the next generation. When you add the present generation’s sins with all those passed down through the ages, we have a chaotic mess. And…it is not over. This proven Truth will continue to regress into a progressive depraved society. Count on it. There is only one Truth that would deliver us – Truth as a person. Jesus. Authentic salvation is the only recourse for our demise. The bad news is, the Lord tells us that in the end times, fewer and fewer people will accept authentic Truth – Jesus. Always remember, culture is spiritual. Meaning, our present culture is a religion to our Millennial children.

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