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Noted author and speaker Jennifer Kennedy Dean is featured in the Identity Matters Worldview Institute, an online school focusing on the believer’s identity in Christ. Her featured online course, Power In The Blood of Christ, is news worthy to the Christian community. Jennifer is founder of the Praying Life Foundation. She shared with IOM America some insights regarding this new resource.


Give us an overview of this book/course.

JENNIFER: The way that the Creator designed the blood in our bodies—the life that flows in us—is a detailed picture of the power of the Life of Christ that indwells us and flows through us to cleanse and bring new life. The picture of the power of the Life of Christ in us is built into the very foundations of creation.

IOM: What is the “take-away” from this book/course?

JENNIFER: My prayer is that students will see the reality of Christ’s indwelling power from a new perspective. “Christ in you” is the message of Scripture from first to last, making it clear that His Life in us is not a backup plan, but has been the intention from the beginning. By painting a detailed picture in the physical blood that gives our bodies life, we see that every aspect of our full-spectrum salvation is provided for in the flowing, cleansing, empowering Life of Jesus that has been transfused into us.

IOM: What is the difference between a Praying Life and a prayer–life?

JENNIFER: When we think of having a prayer life, prayer is part of our life. An activity we engage in. The focus is packaging the correct words between “Dear God” and “Amen.” When we learn to live a praying life, we learn to embrace the reality of the living Jesus indwelling and being active in our lives 24/7. The present-tense Jesus is reproducing His own heart of prayer in us and drawing us into His ever praying life.

IOM: Why is it important for us to have a Christ-centered view of prayer?

JENNIFER: True prayer is when Jesus is making direct deposits from His heart to yours, reproducing His desires in you. Prayer is not giving God instructions, or convincing Him to adopt your point of view. Prayer is being so fully surrendered to Jesus that He has full access to your heart, making your heart the conduit through which His desires flow.

IOM: Why have you partnered with the Identity Matters Worldview Institute?

JENNIFER: I so love the focus of IOM on the lynchpin of the Christian life—Christ in you—that I want to join forces! If the message of the indwelling Christ can be amplified by cooperative messaging, I’m in!

IOM: Tell us about your latest book.

JENNIFER: I’m excited about my newest release, SEEK: 28 Days of Extraordinary Prayer. I pull from my 35 plus years of writing on prayer to synthesize what I call the four pillars of prayer. Surrender, Extol, Examine, Knock. I wanted to make each day’s material manageable for our busy lives, but still provide content that will move us forward in our praying lives.

International Press Release | IOM America | Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Power In The Blood of Christ PDF | Online Course

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