Blogging isn't about publishing as much as you can. It's about sharing the Truth, in spite of how you feel. I'm not a writer, by most standards, I write because I am compelled to disseminate Christ speaking in my inner man. In this, I can deliver profound supernatural inspirations. 

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There is global confusion when it comes to the meaning of "Christian Worldviews." Presently, there are over 300 religions that make claim to the name "Christian." We refer to these individuals and groups as "Christ-Followers." The first step is in determining which worldview best describes the student - a learner views all study content through the perspective of one of these worldviews.


Individuals holding to this worldview claims no religious or spiritual basis. People with this view often renounce the existence of Christ, let alone His indwelling of believers.


This worldview makes claim to the name/teachings of Christ, His existance, methodologies & representation within the Holy Bible - a follower of the Truths but makes no claim to being born-again.


A Christ-as-Life worldview is viewing life through the indwelling mind/Life of Christ within the born-again believer. Since we behold His Life, we inherit His mind & it is His mind that clears our vision.

Worldview Checklist

Every generation, and its people, will eventually encounter who God is, what He meant by what He said, and most importantly, what He will do with those who dishonored His authority & the infrastructure of His absolute worldview. The self-governed worldview of all created beings will matter NOT to Him. He is not dependent on man's view.

  • Embrace the reality that we have no control over God, His Laws, and worldview. We either adopt His worldview or formulate our own.

  • People should not attempt to reverse the doctrines of God with human ideologies. This reduces the God of the universe to match that of humans.

  • This single deception serves as the foundation of our present generation. We must address the issues! ​Learn More

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Without the freedom of religion, there is no credit given to God. Without God, people are discredited. - Phinney     Smart Cards

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