Blogging isn't about publishing as much as you can. It's about sharing the Truth, in spite of how you feel. I'm not a writer, by most standards, I write because I am compelled to disseminate Christ speaking in my inner man. In this, I can deliver profound supernatural inspirations. 

 Dr. Stephen Phinney

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Life changing truth! My life has been transformed by the truth of the exchanged life and the steps to freedom in Christ! I'm a pastor wanting to lead others into the Spirit-filled Victorious Life. I pastor a rural church in North Carolina with attendance of 60 and I'm trying to lead them into salvation, surrender and identity in Christ! I'm with you, and financially support the IM Institute, in sharing what the Lord is doing to set people free in their identity in Christ! -Pastor, NC

Our greatest reward here on earth is getting feedback from donors, and non-donors alike, sharing the effects of identity Truths in their personal lives & ministry outreaches. Since our conclusive objective is to advance the indwelling Life of Christ – feedback helps us determine if we are “hitting the mark.”

Recently I was taken through a media analysis with two of our online providers. I had contacted them, stating my curiosity as to “why” the percentage of responders dropped, when sending communications with directives, such as “Did you get this?” Secondly, when we place “free-stuff” in a communication the percentage of responders increases significantly. Both companies gave me the same answer.

SUMMARY OF THEIR ANALYSIS: Their conclusion, documented by our data on their sites, was disheartening. First, they reminded me that in our culture today, people do not want to be obligated to respond. Secondly, inbox readers “push back” from “being told what to do.” Finally, inbox recipients “want free-stuff” or they won’t increase the customer’s (IOM) “click-ratio.” To this I replied, “So let me get this straight, I can’t direct my readers, I can’t tell them what to do & I have to offer ‘free-stuff,’ or I lose them as subscribers?” Both replied, “Exactly” and “You got it.”

Now, the last I understood, sharing the Gospel requires two things before salvation can occur – the first being, “I got it” and second, “Jesus, I will obey You.” Is our culture & society so narcissistic (fancy word for selfish) that we no longer respond to Jesus with these two simple requirements of communication? Actually, the answer to this question is the reason salvations have dropped 700% since the 1950’s. The same answer reveals why one-on-one discipleship is a rare experience today. “Dear Lord, Your church is sick & infected with the worst kind of selfishness – being tactless. When You said, ‘what you do unto the least of these My brethren, you do unto Me,’ it reminds me of how disrespectfully You are being treated by Your own people. Lord, forgive us!”

Obviously this posting is directive in nature but, to that I say, “Oh-well!” My calling is to direct the self-focused children of God away from the self-life and into an intimate relationship with the indwelling Life of Christ. Please, join us in prayer, that true teachers of the Cross will not cower to the sickness of the church today.

Do not respond to this communication! lol

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