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Euthanasia is the culturally acceptable word for murder. In my prayer time with the Lord, He made it clear that this movement will become our enemy’s (Satan) method of legal persecution & martyrdom of His people.

What is a prophet to do with those words?

Warn the people! Within my warning, I would like to give you a brief history of this intentional act of hatred.

Within the Greek context, euthanasia means good death. Soon, the “picket-points” will be over the issue of this morbid demise. This act of premeditated murder is couched in a “right to die” or having the “right” to kill those who suffer from terminal illnesses or suffering pain – known in our culture as “assisted suicide.” If America continues to follow the Europeans, this act of premeditated murder will evolve into “those who are devoid of value.”

Who determines “those who are devoid of value?”

If you were to ask a Neo-Nazi, the answer you would get is "useless and unrehabilitated humans that do not support the cause." To that end, I asked, “What cause?” Their answer came with no surprise. “To rid the world of all Jew lovers, including countries, religions, and individuals.” If you are like most, you will pass this off as a demise that died with Hitler’s own suicide. The truth being said, in 2018, it was determined that the Neo-Nazi subculture group has become one of the fastest growing movements in America. In fact, in March of 2019, the American Democratic Party announced one of their leading presidential campaign promises – to remove America’s support of Israel.

Why is it that the world, as a whole, is constantly threatened by Jews?

For all of you uninformed or baby Christians, the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. If you make claim to being a born-again Christian, you have been graphed into the body of the Jews – that makes you a Jew by God’s identity marker. That means you, and all countries/religions are the targets of God’s greatest enemy – Satan. If you are one of those lazy and irresponsible Christians who passes this demise off to yet another political issue, well then, you might be one of the Jew haters.

Here are some historical facts:

  • · The first recorded use of the word euthanasia was by Suetonius, a Roman historian, in his De Vita Caesarum - to describe the death of Augustus Caesar, who supported “peace to all” Christians. Who by the way, was assisted unto death by a poisoned fig by Livia – the mother of Augustus’s stepsons.

  • · Jewish society, following the teaching of the Bible and the sixth command "thou shall not kill", following their revelation of euthanasia being an attack on the Jewish people, had rejected centuries ago every theory on shortening the life of handicapped or disadvantaged people.

  • · In Sparta, it was the common practice for each newborn male child to be examined for signs of disability or sickliness which, if found, led to his death.

  • · In ancient Greece, the suicide of the patient who was suffering extreme pain and had an incurable terminal illness was made easy and for this reason, the physician gave medicine (a poisoned drink) to him. Plato wrote: "Mentally and physically ill persons should be left to death; they do not have the right to live."

  • · In ancient Rome, euthanasia was a crime and this action was regarded as murder. However, history notes that sickly newborn babies were left outside, overnight, exposed to the elements. The enemy always starts with children.

  • · Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) is often quoted as being the first prominent Christian to recommend euthanasia in his book Utopia, where the Utopian priests encourage euthanasia when a patient was terminally ill and suffering pain (but this could only be done if the patient consented).

  • · 1828 - Earliest American statute explicitly to outlaw assisting suicide.

  • · The prevailing social conditions of the latter nineteenth century began to favor active euthanasia. Darwin's work and related theories of evolution had challenged the existence of a Creator God who alone had the right to determine life or death.

  • · The first popular advocate of active euthanasia in the nineteenth century was a schoolmaster, not a doctor. In 1870 Samuel Williams wrote the first paper to deal with the concept of 'medicalized' euthanasia.

  • · The efforts of the legalization of euthanasia began in the USA in the first years of the 20th century. The New York State Medical Association recommended gentle and easy death. Even more active euthanasia proposals came to Ohio and Iowa state legislatures in 1906 and 1907 but these proposals were rejected.

  • · In 1920, a leading German professor, Hoche, published a small book with the title 'Releasing the Destruction of Worthless Animals' which advocated the killing of people whose lives were "devoid of value.”

  • · Adolf Hitler admired Hoche's writing and popularised and propagandized the idea. In 1935, the German Nazi Party accepted euthanasia for crippled children and "useless and unrehabilitated humans.”

  • · The Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society (NVVE) launched its Members' Aid Service in 1975, to give advice to the dying, targeting the people of the “undying race” - Jews. It received twenty-five requests for aid in the first year.

  • · On 5 May 1980, the Catholic Church issued a Declaration on Euthanasia.

  • · In 1994, Oregon, USA voters approved Measure 16, a Death With Dignity Act ballot initiative that would permit terminally ill patients, under proper safeguards, to obtain a physician's prescription to end life in a humane and dignified manner. The vote was 51-49 percent.

  • · In 2000, The Netherlands Millennial Generation approved voluntary euthanasia. The Dutch law allowing voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide took effect on the 1st of February, 2002. For 20 years previously, it had been permitted under guidelines.*

  • · In 2009, the United States explores the legalization of euthanasia as a Federal standard.

  • · In 2018, the United States implements euthanasia in late-term pregnancies.

Did you know you have a “duty to die,” minimally a “duty to kill?”

One of the biggest concerns for disabled rights organizations is that, if euthanasia is legalized, the 'right to die' will soon become a 'duty to die.'

Many disabled are not ready to die, they enjoy life and wish to continue to do so but if assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia were available they might feel it was the responsible thing to do. Caregivers might consciously or unconsciously exert pressure to help them arrive at that decision.

A person who feels obligated to do away with themselves for the good of others may become depressed during which time these feelings may intensify and become the main priority of the patient. In time, however, these feelings may pass by which time a patient may have already taken steps which are irrevocable.

Voluntary Euthanasia Today = Involuntary Euthanasia Tomorrow

Many disability advocates take the position that legalizing assisted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia today (duty to die) will lead to active involuntary euthanasia tomorrow – the duty to kill. Meaning, involuntary euthanasia, murder, will be decided by others who determine your life should be terminated – so they legally murder you. This act in legislation is called Moral Relativism.

It is difficult to believe this act of murder will become as popular and accepted in culture as in the case of abortion. The reality is, it is the same moral dilemma, with the same immoral results. In the Creator’s eyes, any form of taking life is not only against one of His ten-commandments but is classified as murder.

Our reality is this, Satan is out to destroy any and all humans that could find salvation in Christ Jesus in order to join the Jewish people. One might think it is his hate toward human life but the Truth is, everything he does is to steal from the possibility of Jesus gaining an inch of victory in His promise to favor the Jewish lineage.

Carefully watch the news! When you do, you will discover that euthanasia is our next cultural fight for life. The church will find that this single issue will be the enemy’s method of madness to destroy the moral relative lives of all Jews and their integrated born-again Christians. You don’t believe me? If this is the case, your uninformed mind is about to be awakened.

Within our present Post-Truth culture, we see unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice, gossip, slanderer, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents if they have any, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving and unmerciful (Romans 1). In what Paul shared with this depraved culture, the Romans were not only used by the enemy to perpetuate euthanasia but became prophetic in their decisions to end the lives of all those who love the Jews. Christians remain just as much of a threat to the old Roman Empire as well as the New Roman Empire spoke of in Revelation. We are experiencing this today worldwide. And even though they knew God, and all His ordinances, they did not honor Him as God. Therefore, the decision was made for God to turn them over to their cultural thinking – the depraved mind.

Jesus Said It Would Come Upon Us

The fear of many pastors, researchers, and sociologists are that this verse has come to life in the form of euthanasia. Jesus said in Matthew 10:21: “Brother will betray brother to death, a father his child and children will revolt against parents and cause them to be put to death.” Even though Jesus put prophetic utterances in just about everything that He said, this verse is an obvious testimony, not only of that generation but also of our present generation, who happens to be forming policies to legally remove “those Christians.”

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