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Updated: Sep 5, 2018


Meaning, this post is a pre-edited version.

This post covers a topic that is probably alarming to many nominal Christians. In fact, there are probably many dedicated Christians who have never really had a message delivered to them on the demonic realm that exists around us today. There are many scriptural passages that I will be covering. Look up these scriptures—see and read them for yourself allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal to you that this demonic world does exist.

I am not a demon “behind every bush” pastor, and anyone who knows me knows that, but I will be addressing this particular aspect to our series hard-handed, immovable, and focused in such a way that the issues that are related to the demonic world need to be dealt with in a persons life.

I do need to give a warning. Out of all the theologians that I have talked to, as well as authors of books who have written sound theological books on the demonic realm—they have said to me personally, warning me, that when a topic like this is covered, the human mind has the tendency, that is if you are a nominal Christian, to tune it out. It’s like a teenager who is being lectured to by their parent where the parent is pouring everything they can into that training moment with that child but that child is tuning them out. That is where this numbing mind is developed in our children. They don’t want to hear poignant truth which is so directive that there is no way of getting around it so they turn you off. This is what the average Christian has done in the world today to the Living God. They even have a hard time reading their bibles because there are too many absolutes in the bible. This is the second concern, if you remember, by those of us who are researching this Generation, such as the Barna Group, who we gather much of our statistics from, but we have found that the number two thing that this particular Generation is suffering with is the belief of absolute truth. There are Christians walking in and out of the churches today who cannot even give me a well-defined answer to what absolute truth is; and if you think it’s just speaking the truth then you’re one of them.

Demons speak truth, and it doesn’t grant them salvation. So how is that demons believe there is one God but humans don’t? Isn’t that a little odd to you? The whole demonic realm, however many of those characters there are—I’m sure they’re myriads, and myriad of them, but every single one of them, including their master Satan, whose name means serpent of darkness, each of them are obligated by the Living God to believe that there is one God, but yet humans have developed a movement throughout the entire world that there is more than one God. So how is it really that demons, our greatest enemy, can believe in a sound doctrinal truth and will not refute it, and dare not refute it, but humans do? That makes us more stupid than a demon. This comes right out of the book of Jeremiah.

There is a grave danger in humans adopting doctrines of God and interpreting them by self-governed thinking. This is why we have over 3,000 denominations in the world today where humans are grabbing ahold of sound doctrines and twisting them up, and rearranging them, and liquidating them, and putting them back into the church as doctrines, and forming a whole new branch of Christianity called “denominations.” There are Christians who are willing to defend their church doctrines over the Word of God. There is a church in my community who made a public statement that they no longer believe in the absolute Word of God, or the bible being the absolute Word of God. How could this happen when demons would refuse to make such a statement? Humans truly have become more stupid than demons.

Now if you’re offended by my blunt talk, you can stop reading this post right now because I’m just getting started. I have no respect for the demonic world, but I do have a respect for the power that has been limited and given to them, but when it comes to renouncing and standing against their deceptions, I get a little amped up. So those of you who have a strong interest in hearing the truth, stay with me.

James 2:19 says, “You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe and they shudder.”

I’m going to give you the Greek and Hebrew definition of “shudder” but first I want you to just kind of get a mental picture of the difference between the demonic world in their interaction with the one God, and the humans. Here these demons also believe in one God. There’s no atheism allowed in that statement. They believe but yet they shudder. Just by acknowledging that one profound doctrinal truth, they start shuddering, which means fearing until one cannot stand. Just the ideology of them knowing and believing that there is only one God shakes the foundation of their very being, but what do humans do—their minds go numb. They’re not afraid anymore. They’ve got evil things labeled as psycho-babel issues. They have “evil” labeled simply as things from the medical world, sciences that have somehow not taken care of them the way that they hoped. We have labeled it all in the sciences in some fashion or another. We have taken out the sting of demonic deception. Why did we do this and why do we do this? Because you don’t want to be afraid that there actually might be a spirit world that is around you speaking lies into your consciousness. You don’t want to look at it because that’s actually the real deal. So therefore we have a problem. We have a world now that is actually conducted and functions by labels—depression, anorexia, bulimia, addiction—the list is so long it’s embarrassing. So instead of calling it what the scriptures call it, we have put labels on these afflictions, so when you have to address this affliction, you’re going to go and get some kind of treatment that deals with your “label.” If you have to actually look at the source of what is happening to you, it could cause you to shudder as well, but that’s not going to happen.

Statistics are showing us that fewer Christians every day are believing in a spirit world. Statistics are showing us that fewer people actually believe there is a Satan. Statistics have shown us that fewer Christians today, than in any generation in church history, actually believe in a hell. Statistics are showing us that very few churches are preaching hellfire and damnation sermons anymore. Statistics are showing us that there are very few true revivals taking place in the world today. Why is this? Because you are finding your source of comfort in the resources in the healing of your labels. Because when you get a label you get medicine attached to it, do you not?

Dealing With Demonic Attacks PART-2 | Coming soon!

This post is from a transcribed live lecture by Dr. Phinney | Transcriber: Sharon Lackey

Listen To The Audio | Click Here

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