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#3 Diarrhea Dilemma

Dr. Stephen Phinney | July 29, 2020|

Please excuse my explicitness. This morning while working on this post, I had a sudden urge for a bowel movement. I quickly rushed upstairs to do my “business.” Well, I didn’t make it. Now facing another humiliating experience, my wife and I cleaned up the mess.

It has happened to everyone. But, when you are allergic to most things in life, it becomes a friend of the enemy. As for God’s view, humiliation is a friend of dependence.

Years ago, my allergist said, in my older age, many of my “bubble-boy” allergies would probably return. As life would have it, they did. Today I live with rashes over most of my body while continuing in chronic stomach issues. I constantly battle revisiting boyhood experiences.

One of several memories I carry regarding the “diarrhea dilemma” is when I was in fourth grade at Appanoose (Michigan Valley, KS). Due to my allergies, I had a perpetual problem of diarrhea, as mentioned, I have to this day. When I have to go, I have less than a minute to get to a bathroom. In this incident, I raised my hand to be dismissed, and the teacher told me to wait until school was out. I raised my hand again and again, and finally, it happened – an explosion of odor filled the air. With that, I could see that the teacher was horrified, and she dismissed me. I went to the locker room to clean myself up, stole gym shorts out of someone’s locker, and readied myself for the bus ride home. I hurried to the bus. After settling into a seat on the bus, all the kids packed into the back of the bus – dishing out names and rejection the entire trip home. The driver smelling the obvious reason, left the situation as is. Then one young lady got up, came to the front of the bus, and sat with me. It was the same girl that smelled like urine each morning when she boarded the bus, which I purposed to sit with due to my innate compassion. After this event, we saved seats for each other for the remainder of the year.

I wish I could say that the humiliation ended there, but it didn't. My siblings continued to harass me when I got home, and returning to school the next day was all the worse. It took me years to bounce back from that one single event. Even though I have endless stories relating to this weakness, after being saved by Christ at age 16, I learned to accept this weakness as a God-sized opportunity for Grace.

Diarrhea And A Vision of Jesus

The rejection I experienced over diarrhea set off a supernatural event. Not long after this event, an overwhelming sense of despair settled into my soul. Such despair that the Lord showed Himself in a mighty way.

While still at Appanoose School, it was during recess one spring day that I was on my way to the ball-diamond when I sensed something in the sky. I looked up and saw a man dressed in a brilliant white robe, chest high, with His arms opened wide – with His face washed out from the light. I grabbed ahold of my friend (Brad) and asked him if he sees the man. He said no and off to the field we went to play ball.

Throughout recess, I continued to look to the sky to see if this figure returned.

Keep in mind that I had no idea who Jesus was. Christianity was forbidden in our home. After the school bell rang, and we were heading back to class, I sensed it again. I looked up, and sure enough, there He was, this time from the knees up with a smile on His face. I stopped and asked Brad if he could see the image, and he said no. The remainder of the day I remember looking out the classroom window expecting to see Him – but to no avail.

A few years ago, I looked up this old friend to ask him a question. After a bit of a reunion, it had been 50+ years; I asked him if he remembered that day. To my surprise, he did and went on to tell me that God used that day to lead him to Christ once he became an adult. I was simply blown away. Not only did I nail down that it happened, my dearest friend, at the time, found Christ because of it. To my delight, diarrhea had a payoff.

That event was used by God hundreds of times through the years to show me that He has always had His hand upon me. On the day of my Salvation, the Spirit reminded me of this experience to reassure me of His sovereign hand for my upward calling. So you see, Michigan Valley may have been a tough season in my life, but it also was a time when God introduced Himself while I was living in a state of the depravity of being unsaved. How is that for Grace?

Visions & Dreams

Those who know me today know that I am plagued with dreams & visions. One being, a vision I had on February 3, 2019. In this vision, the Lord showed me, The church, as you see it today, will not remain in 2020. That being obvious as we look back. In 2020 the church’s new norm was introduced to the global community.

Visions and dreams are not new prophecies but rather God revealing preexisting prophecies within His timeline. As a result of my vision in the year 2020, the Lord instructed me to move my teachings online immediately. Thus, setting our outreach to be ready for His forthcoming “new norm” for the church - one year in advance.

I have learned that all childhood trauma can and will be used by the Lord to advance His ministry throughout our lives – even chronic diarrhea.

Until next time...

Next, "My Little Joseph."

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