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In a culture where emotion is our faith, Dr. Kevin Bywater discusses the relationship between emotion and rationality within a Christian framework.

Why this conference?

The global church has gone wild. Statistics are proving that the church as a whole no longer supports a single pathway unto God. In fact, there is evidence that the majority are adopting the pluralistic cultural views of the world. These same statistics reveal that few Christians are speaking out on this demise. This conference addresses such issues.

This topic should be of interest to you.

If you are an engaged authentic Christian, this topic is of little news. If you are a "lukewarm" believer, this topic will be one of your greatest challenges. True indwelt Christians should be interested in rescuing the Body of Christ from a pluralistic society - particularly its children. This conference address family, faith & fellowship - how each are fronted by the Post-Truth era. We also reveal the solutions!


What exactly is Post-Truth?

Secular and Christian researchers have announced a new global phase in society - the Post-Truth era. Even though the conference will unfold the details of this movement, the basic definition provided by Ralph Keys is, In the post-truth era, borders blur between truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty, fiction and nonfiction. Deceiving others becomes a challenge, a game, and ultimately a habit. Research suggests that the average American tells lies on a daily basis. These lies run the gamut from “I like your posting,” to “Jesus is transgender.”


The Post-Truth Church is defined by author Stephen Phinney as, The Post-Truth Church is a global corporate body of Christ followers that has migrated itself into a pluralistic society - causing it to blur the lines of sound Biblical doctrines with universalize thought.

Why you should attend this conference.

Dr. Phinney is considered one of the leading researchers and writers on the topic of the Post-Truth Church. At this point in time, few are addressing the authentic issues related to this topic. The good news is, thousands of Christ-centered communicators have been awakened by this demise.

This conference will be unapologetic in revealing the lies that are fronting the Body of Christ, provide practical solutions & action sheets to restore the Church.


Jennifer Kennedy Dean

After a day of power-packed messages on the crisis facing the authentic Church, Jennifer will be providing a three-hour teaching series on her latest book, SEEK, 28 Days of Extraordinary Prayer. You don't want to miss this!

Chris Tomlin

Worship will be provided by Chris Tomlin via video feed. IOM America is a partner of the Chris Tomlin Worship Community. Save the date and mark the calendars. We will be hosting a video feed of Holy Roar: Live From Church, released in March. Chris had the chance to record almost the entire Holy Roar record live at a small church in Nashville a few months back and is now available to the general public. 


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Featured Speakers:
  • Jennifer Kennedy Dean
  • Dr. Stephen Phinney
Featuring Video Feeds:
  • Summit Ministries*
  • J. Warner Wallace
  • Dr. Stephen Phinney
  • Megan Almon
  • Michael Sherrard
  • Dr. Frank Turek
  • Alan Shelmon
  • Jay Richards
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