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IM Worldview  Offers Three Kinds Of Membership


Choosing a donation based membership level for your online course work & content benefits, is one that should not be taken lightly.

The membership of your choice has a direct impact on virtually every aspect of your online experience - from the type of course attendance, to the type of benefits you want to obtain from our Institute's full range of content.

Your donations are tax-deductible by law.

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Student Membership


This level of membership offers subscribers/students access to all courses without pay-per-course - up to 30 courses. Pending on your course participation, this could save you thousands of dollars.

Check out the details below.


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Per Month (USD)

$268 Single Annual Donation

Regular: $54 a Month

IM Worldview Club


Use our huge range of resources to meet and overcome any challenge head-on through Christ, from leadership issues, walking in the Spirit, Spiritual Gifts - you name it, we'll provide it.


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Per Month (USD)

$23 Single Annual Donation

Regular:$15 a Month

IM Premium Membership


The ultimate membership plan! IM Premium accesses students up to 50 100% discounted courses + all the benefits of the Student Membership & IM Worldview Club - plus. See details below for the Plus benefits.


Details Below


Per Month (USD)

$400 Single Annual Donation

Regular: $70 a Month

Financial Hardship | Apply Here

Includes All Core Features:


  • Donation free course work - up to 30 courses within your membership

  • Free forever plan (new releases)

  • Unlimited posted courses - does not include offline advance courses available to IM Club members

  • Unlimited student access

  • No cost downloads

  • Access to student forum (LinkHim)

  • Full student to faculty access

Once you subscribe as a member, your monthly subscription does not change. All subscribers "lock in" a life-time price as long as they maintain their subscription.

IM Club Features:


  • Free subscription to the IM Worldview Digital Magazine.

  • Free subscription to a "member only" monthly email (The Mind of Christ) - packed with practical tools & tips for ministry leaders/students.

  • Special access to faculty writings & media that is not available to student registrants.

  • All members have FREE access to advanced course work not hosted in our Institute.

  • All members can apply for the IFEL Network System - privacy policies must be agreed to and signed.

  • Many other benefits offered throughout your subscription... 

All Core, Club & Plus Features:


  • All the benefits in the Student Membership

  • All the benefits in the IM Worldview Club Membership

  • Tuition-free attendance to the Chancellor's Worldview Summit

  • Bonus Resources - free access to courses being tested for the Institute

  • All subscribers are invited to join the Board of Regents Subcommittee, to assist in decision making to better the Institute.

  • Survey Consultant - invitation to join the Institute's review team.

  • Open ended invite to be a part of IM's Joint Venture Partners.

  • Up to 50 FREE courses + more

Pay As You Go



Per Month (USD)

Occasional Donation

Tons Of



Plenty of Features:


  • Full access to all FREE  Courses (no scholarship required)

  • Full access to IM courses (donate as you go)

  • Subscription to the IM Worldview Newsletter

  • Assess to all IM Classes, excluding IM Student Membership and IM Premium benefits

  • Same student to instructor care as members + more

The Identity Matters Worldview Institute does not turn any student away for financial hardship. Scholarship Application Here

Online training is not less valuable than in-person training. Online training is often more convenient than in-person, let alone financially more plausible. The above savings are from introductory discounts that will remain in place until the Board of Regents makes changes to the discounted prices. You can always expect our Institute to provide major discounts. Free courses will be offered on a regular basis for pre-launch testing & for the promotion of new courses soon to be offered.