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In Christ Jesus

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

a tribute to our sister and friend

We will miss the Lord's invested ministry through Jennifer!

Jesus called our sister home on June 12, 2019.

Few Christian writers can effectively communicate a Biblical topic while keeping the believer’s identity in Christ intact.  Jennifer Kennedy Dean was excellent at doing this! Her devotion to Christ in presenting the believer's identity in, and around the topic of prayer was refreshing - let alone life transforming.


Jennifer was the Executive director of The Praying Life Foundation, an online instructor for Identity Matters Worldview Institute and a respected author and speaker. She is the author of numerous books, studies, online courses and magazine articles specializing in prayer and spiritual growth centered in the beliver's identity in Christ. Her book, Heart’s Cry, has been named National Day of Prayer’s recommended resource.  Her book, Live a Praying Life®, &, has been called a flagship work on prayer.

Widely recognized as an unusually gifted communicator of the deep truths of God’s Word, Jennifer spoke all over the world calling God’s people to discover the difference between “a prayer life” and “a praying life.”

Jennifer was widowed in 2005 after 26 years of marriage to Wayne Dean, her partner both in life and ministry. They are the parents of three grown sons and eight grandchildren. Jennifer made her home in Marion, KY.

Jennifer was not only a beloved friend to my wife and I, she was a devoted ministry partner. Her relentless work in providing resources for our Institute, in addition to being a regular contributing writer to our Exchanged Life Email Service, will be cherished eternally. Shortly before Jennifer died, I committed to her to advance the Lord's legacy through her life's work indefinitely. Our ministry will be faithful in doing this! 

Her publications, online course work and emails will continue to be authentic, real and honest.  I highly implore you to read, and make use of the rich and dynamic insights offered in her ongoing resources.   

We considered it an honor to have had Jennifer on our team!


Dr. Stephen Phinney | Founder/Chancellor | Identity Matters Worldview Institute

Jennifer Kennedy Dean


I was so pleased to discover Identity Matters Worldview Institute. As a long-time devotee of Charles R Solomon, I was immediately drawn to the content. Handbook to Happiness was one of the books that shaped my understanding from the outset of my ministry. I am honored to have my teaching ministry associated with such a theologically deep, scripturally sound venture. I believe with all my heart that when the body of Christ gets hold of their identity in Christ, everything changes. It has been so in my own life, and I have seen it worked out in thousands of lives. Nothing could please me more than to be part of this team.


her BLOG>>>

Power In The Blood of Christ

IM Flagship Course & Study


Weaving together Old Testament imagery and New Testament teaching with facts of science and biology. Power in the Blood of Christ presents a cogent, solidly constructed explanation of how the blood of Christ operates at full power in the life of every believer who yields to its life-giving flow. Formerly The Life Changing Power in the Blood of Christ. An 8-week interactive study & online course on the blood of Christ. BRAND NEW updated revised version.

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Because Jesus is Truth, we divert all students away from using Biblical truths as a way to perpetuate the wisdom of Christ and do not necessarily claim His indwelling Life. Our focus is to equip the generations through the mind of Christ.

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