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The IM Worldview Club Offers You...

Members Meet Members


Meet & greet thousands of members worldwide! The IFEL Network has been in formation for 18+ years.

The IM Worldview Club puts you in an e-community that is ever expanding.

Meet Your Challenges


Use our huge range of resources to meet and overcome any challenge head-on through Christ, from leadership issues, walking in the Spirit, Spiritual Gifts - you name it, we'll provide it.

Multiply Your Modalities


We work daily to make each of our resources multipliable & easy to access for our members. We understand the screenage & the need to develop all our resources to be device friendly.




Christ-as-Life Resources & Connections


  • Free subscription to the IM Worldview Digital Magazine.

  • Free subscription to a "member only" weekly email (The Mind of Christ) - packed with practical tools & tips for ministry leaders/students.

  • Special access to faculty writings & media that is not available to student registrants.

  • All members have FREE access to advanced course work not hosted in our Institute.

  • All subscribers are invited to join the Board of Regents Subcommittee, to assist in decision making to better the Institute.

  • All members can apply for the IFEL Network System - privacy policies must be agreed to and signed.

  • Many other benefits offered throughout you subscription...

  • Once you subscribe as a member, your monthly subscription does not change. All subscribers "lock in" as a life-time subscription on the day they sign-up. See rate changes below.

Today through September 5th - $2 a month | September 6th through January 1st - $3 a month | In 2019 - $5 a month

Club Membership Benefits

Exchanging Life E-Community (LinkHim)


  • A supportive and friendly forum where Club members can post questions and challenges, and get help and advice from fellow members and professional coaches.

  • Posted topics are endless.

  • Through the existing partnerships through some of the world's largest social network sites, by way of our LinkHim network, you can join life-coach discussion groups to better face your ministry challenges and personal growth issues.




Full Access To IOM America's Resources


  • More than 300 resources available within the IOM America website.

  • Full use of the outreach ministries of IOM - Tree of Life Help Center, IM Worldview Training Centers, XL-Church plants, IM Speaker Forum, Exchanging Life Email System, and the list goes on from there.

  • Enjoy the Leadership Development resources offered through IOM.

  • Full access to the Exchanged Life Bookstore - one of a kind in the world today.

  • And much more...

Why This Club Membership Offer?

It's pretty simple!


After 18 year's of experience in servicing the Christ-as-Life community, we have collected hundreds of resources from authors and teachers from around the world AND we want to make them accessible to believers worldwide.


Why do we have Club Membership & course work suggested donation fees?

We have learned that people tend to place more value on materials they contribute to. Plus, we could not do what we do without the faithful contributions of those who support our mission.