The Baby Has Arrived!


Welcome to the brand new home of the Identity Matters Worldview Institute! Today we celebrate the grand opening of our state-of-the-art online school. We are eternally thankful to so many of you, who have been with us every step of the way, so that this day would finally come.

My name is Dr. Stephen Phinney, and I am the Chancellor of the IM Institute & Global Identity Matters Worldview Centers - an inspiration that began in 1987, under the banner of Release Ministries. At the time, the vision was ahead of its time - meaning, the internet could not support the vision. But, by faith, I had confidence that the vision would serve as a catalyst for "things-to-come." As the internet came to the forefront of culture & economics, we began the work on integrating the two in 1999.

Today, we open the doors to the portal of the faith-commission the Lord gave many years ago. As you explore the IM Institute, you will notice the functionality to be inline with the newest technology and has already been labelled a "leading state-of-the-art Christian online school." The list is too long to thank each individual & corporation that contributed to the development of the Institute but a heart-felt thank-you goes out to each.

Our Foundation



The Identity Matters Worldview Institute is designed to provide the learner with an experience that centers upon the integration process of a strong Christ-as-Life worldview, faith, and what IM coins as, the 12-Points of Transformation. The student will grow their indwelling Christian faith and become acutely aware of how their self-life behavior wars against the Word of God, all the while learning about, and embracing, a Biblical worldview.

The Identity Matters Worldview Institute is the home-base & work-station for each global center -

now with 200+ Directors & field centers in training.

Equipping The Generations Through The Mind Of Christ


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Modality Of Free-Stuff


Statistics reveal to us that 72% of those who get "free-stuff" do not complete what was given to them. In fact, our developers recently did a course-completion analysis on all our Beta-Tester Students and found that 94% have not completed their course-work.  The reality is, if you don't pay-for-it, you don't pay it forward. It is our prayer that you do not fall into these percentages! We offer free-stuff to "kick-start," or advance the student's identity in Christ. We all like free-stuff but few of us like to pay the price of "job well done." Join the faithful few!

Thank You For Joining Us Today


Hope to see you in the IM Institute as a student!

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It gives me great pleasure to commend my son in the faith, Dr. Stephen Phinney for his burden and vision to proliferate the message of the cross, Christ-as-Life or the crucified life, globally via media and material development.  The need is great, and the hour is late as he faithfully builds on the foundation in Scripture our Lord laid almost 2,000 years ago.


I pray that those who receive this training will multiply it to God's glory that the Church may be edified through transformed lives of indwelt believers, as  Dr. Phinney and I walk together in obedience to our Father.

-Dr. Charles R. Solomon, Grace Fellowship International