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We Can't Do What We Do Without You

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Thank you for helping us!

Your giving exchanges lives in, and through Christ.

You made my day!

Thanks to the world of technology, each time a giver donates to IOM America, the IM Institute or individual staff members, my phone & computer notifies me of the gift. With that said, each time you give, I will personally engage with you as a donor.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your potential support in advancing the Life of Christ.

Here at IOM & the Identity Matters Worldview Institute, our goal is to make sure that no student/learner goes without an opportunity to hear & be equipped in the identity Truths in Christ.  While we serve many individuals & ministries in our network, our focus is to target those who have a passion to grow in Christ.

Your generous donation will go a long way in helping us end the crisis that the Post-Truth culture afflicts upon authentic believers.  In fact, with your gift, we will be able to reduce the impact the "lukewarm" church is having on true Christianity. 

We are a "hand-to-mouth" ministry, meaning, we are not sponsored by large corporations or major donors. Every dollar donated goes directly toward advancing the Life of Christ. (Click on the budget link below to review our budget)


Again, thank you! It means a lot to Christ!  You have made a real difference in impacting those we serve.   Thanks to you, we will "keep on keeping on" with the mission the Lord has laid out for us!.

With gratitude,



Dr. Stephen Phinney
Founder & Ministry Host

If you have any questions regarding our donor process, contact us: 


Bookmark this page for future giving.    

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