Consider browsing through the Partnership drop-down menu above! We believe it is important to note the individuals and/or corporations that have contributed to the success of our Institute. Please take a few moments to connect to some of their resources. Our list is long but each are important to our online well-being.

Additional Individuals/Corporations That Assist Us

Adobi, 123 Forms, Amazon, Ashampoo, Baptist Theological Institute, Cambridge University Press, Colson Center, Cross Examined - Dr. Frank Turek, Family Foundations Ministries - Craig Hill, Wonder Share Films, Cox Network, E-Sword, Go Daddy, Google, Talbot School of Theology - J.P. Moreland, I-Print, Identity Matters Productions, Integrity Music, The Institute of Ministry, Jack-The-Journey Productions, FireTrust, Microsoft Corporation, Mighty Text, Moto-Cast, Oxford University Press, PayPal, Sony, Summit Ministries, Twitter, U-Print, Verizon, Wix - thanks for all the awards, Sermon Central, Worship House Media & YouTube.

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