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Christ At Work In You

Discovering the intimate details of Christ living within the believer.

Professor: Dr. James Fowler

Since a Christian is a “Christ-one” in whom the Spirit of Christ dwells (Rom. 8:9), if the character of Christ is not being evidenced in a person’s life, then it is legitimate to question whether that individual is a Christian despite his profession of such.


THEOLOGICAL: Biblical foundation of Christ's work in the believer. You must have a laptop, desktop or tablet - connected to the internet.

Course Type & Requirements

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"It is with great honor I present to you the Identity Matters Worldview Institute. It is my prayer that you are blessed with each & every course we provide for your growth. Never hesitate to contact me personally if your have any questions."

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Our graduates have a clear and distinctive worldview - integrating, and making us of, the mind of Christ within the graduate. Each being able to differentiate between a "Christian worldview" and that of a Christ-as-Life worldview.

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